Acne Scarring

NeoGen PSR

NeoGen PSR is also effective in treating acne scarring, as the controlled damage caused by the plasma energy can help to break down scar tissue and promote collagen production. The new collagen helps to rebuild the damaged skin, and smooth out the texture, reducing the appearance of acne scars. Neogen plasma is a safe and noninvasive treatment option for acne scarring, with minimal downtime and long-lasting results.

01. Precision in Treatment

NeoGen PSR targets acne scarring with precise plasma energy for tailored results.

02. Collagen Boost for Skin Renewal

Stimulate collagen for scar reduction and improved skin elasticity.

03. Personalized Care and Consultation

NeoGen PSR ensures a clear and radiant skin journey with personalized care from start to finish.

Where can I find the nearest NeoGen Clinic?

NeoGen Plasma technology is designed to enhance overall skin health by revitalizing its natural elements. Experience a restoration, resurfacing, and tightening process that unveils the real you, naturally!

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