Pigmented Lesions

NeoGen PSR

NeoGen PSR is a non-invasive treatment that can effectively target pigmented lesions, such as age spots, sunspots and freckles the plasma energy generated by NeoGen Plasma can break down the excess pigment in the skin, causing the lesion to darken and flake off overtime. NeoGen Plasma is a safe and precise treatment for pigmented lesion, with minimal discomfort and downtime compared to traditional treatments like laser, therapy or chemical peels.

01. Targeted Precision for Lasting Results

Achieve lasting results with NeoGen PSR’s precise targeting of pigmented lesions, minimizing the recurrence of age spots, sunspots, and freckles.

02. Swift Recovery, Minimal Disruption

NeoGen PSR ensures minimal downtime, allowing for a swift return to daily activities compared to traditional treatments like laser therapy or chemical peels. Experience effective pigmented lesion management without extended recovery periods.

Where can I find the nearest NeoGen Clinic?

NeoGen Plasma technology is designed to enhance overall skin health by revitalizing its natural elements. Experience a restoration, resurfacing, and tightening process that unveils the real you, naturally!

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