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Shaun Spanos,


Owner, Licensed Aesthetician & Nurse Injector

Shaun is the co-founder of Shaun Charles Med Spa. Shaun earned his nursing degree in Nursing from Rivier College in 2003 and his master’s degree from Walden University in 2021. Shaun also holds a degree in Business Administration/Marketing from Fitchburg State College earned in 2002 and will complete his Nurse Practitioner program in December 2023. Shaun has 20+ years of experience in the Aesthetic industry having completed his Aesthetics training at Blaine Beauty School and has been licensed in Massachusetts since 1997. Shaun completed his education in cosmetic injectables in 2012 from the Aesthetic Institute of Massachusetts and continues to gain knowledge in the field with advanced and continuing education. Shaun is a highly skilled Nurse Injector and specializes in both neurotoxin injections and facial fillers using traditional and micro-cannula techniques. Shaun also works heavily with  medical laser and energy-based devices  for facial rejuvenation. He also currently 

holds additional certifications in skin peels, HydraFacial, Collagen Induction Therapy, PRF, IM & IV vitamins therapy, and cosmetic laser procedures. In addition to running a successful Aesthetic practice, Shaun helps to educate new Nurse Injectors at the Audrey Rose Institute of Medical Aesthetics in Woburn, Massachusetts. Learn More.

NeoGen PSR

Jeff Spanos

Owner, Skin Specialist & Business Manager

Jeff is the Co-founder of Shaun Charles Med Spa. Through mentorship and experience of a client base approaching ten thousand, Jeff has become an expert at achieving and maintaining perfect skin from the inside out with nutritional supplementation and from the outside in with both ablative and non-ablative energy and non-energy-based devices. Having a perfect working knowledge of the skin and overall skin health, Jeff has developed many professional in-house and at home skin care routines to treat every Fitzpatrick-type and skin condition. Jeff has an unparalled understanding of all popular medical spa devices and technologies that often includes an understanding of machine schematic  mechanics and how  this pertains to how a  device fundamentally works and delivers results. Jeff has 

over 25 years of business management experience and has been involved in marketing, sales, and business administration training for over 20 years. Jeff is versed in controlling virtually every line of a P&L statement effectively managing overhead and cost. With a focus of client results before all else, Jeff has worked vigorously to develop a unique and positive experience for every Shaun Charles Med Spa client. Learn More.